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Product Features

Are the alternate wristband colors only on the inside of the wristband?

Yes, our green and yellow color options line the interior of the band. Read more

Are there any exercises that Atlas can't recognize?

The current Atlas product can identify exercises that involve some kind of of wrist movement. Read more

Atlas screen turns off, goes black or workout ends abruptly?

Power save mode can cause this to happen. Read more

Can Atlas tell time?

Can Atlas perform the function of a basic watch? Read more

Can Atlas track calories burned?

Yes! Atlas will estimate calories burnt during workouts and throughout the day. Read more

Can Atlas track my heart rate?

Yes, Atlas will track your heart rate through contact with your wrist. Read more

Can Atlas track my sleep?

Atlas has a lot of fantastic abilities but our product will not track your sleep. Read more

Can Atlas track my specific workout routine?

Atlas can track different exercises, learn new ones, and differentiate between unique movements! Read more

Can Atlas track running?

Our device will not have a GPS built into the device at launch. Read more

Can I get a new screen if I crack the original one?

Unfortunately not, to ensure the best quality device we are unable to replace the screen independently. Read more

Can I manually log my workouts?

Absolutely! Just use your Atlas app. Read more

Can I purchase a new battery or replace the one that Atlas comes with?

No, the manufacturing process makes the battery inaccessible. Read more

Can I set fitness goals with my Atlas?

Yes, you will be able to set up workout goals and our device will provide you with guidance. Read more

Can I track my swimming workouts with Atlas?

Swimming-related workouts are still under development, although we are actively pursuing their inclusion. Read more

Can I workout with Atlas on my shoe, upper arm, or ankle?

Please keep in mind that moving the device to any other part of your body will make it ineffective at tracking workouts. Read more

Can multiple people share one Atlas Wristband?

We do not recommend physically sharing an Atlas Wristband between multiple people. Read more

Do I need to have a smartphone?

We strongly recommend that you have a smartphone. Read more

Does the Atlas feature SI units?

Yes! Atlas does have both imperial and metric units. Read more

How does Atlas know how much weight I'm lifting?

Just use Atlas' touch screen. Read more

How does Atlas work?

The Atlas motion recognition engine uses aircraft grade inertial sensors to map out your body's motions. Read more

How long does the battery last?

In workout mode, the Atlas is designed to last an entire week of 1 hour workouts. Read more

Is Atlas shockproof?

Atlas is necessarily designed to be rugged and durable. Read more

Is Atlas waterproof?

It is certainly water resistant! Read more

Just how durable is the Atlas?

Atlas is necessarily designed to be rugged and durable. Read more

What apps does Atlas sync with?

Be sure to download the Atlas Wristband app for iOS or Android. Read more

What happened to the yellow display screen?

We decided to use a white display text instead. Read more

What happens if I wet my device?

Atlas is water resistant up to 30 meters. Read more

What is the smart timer feature?

Our smart timer automatically records active time, rest time, and the amount of time you spend doing a particular exercise. Read more

What kind of data does Atlas collect? Who does Atlas share my data with?

The Atlas Wearables app collects generic demographic information. Read more

What languages will Atlas use?

At release, Atlas will only be available with English text on the device and app. Read more

What makes the Atlas product unique?

Your Atlas uses embedded algorithms to get to know your specific motion patterns. Read more

What phones are compatible with the free Atlas app?

Our app works with iOS and Android phones. Read more

What's the size of Atlas?

.Atlas wristband and watch face size. Read more

When will you update my Atlas with new workouts?

We are continually working to update the library. Read more

Which arm should I wear my Atlas on?

You can wear Atlas on whichever arm you prefer. Read more

Will Atlas make a good daily watch?

Atlas can tell time but is largely intended for use as a fitness monitor. Read more

Will Atlas receive text or email notifications from my phone?

The Atlas communicates with your phone via bluetooth to relay your workout data to the Atlas Wearables app, Read more

Will my kettlebell exercises damage my Atlas?

Kettlebell snatch and the clean and jerk have the potential to damage the face of your Atlas. Read more

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